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fran henryWhen State Senator Fran Pavley retires at the end of this year, we’ll need another effective champion to stand up to the oil and gas companies, fight for quality public education, and work to keep our neighborhoods safe. Democrat Henry Stern is that champion, and he’s supported by Senator Pavley, local officials, the Ventura County Professional Firefighters Association, teachers, small business people and environmental leaders in the November 8 general election.

Cleaner air, water and renewable energy
An expert on climate change, clean air and water policy, Henry has served as Senator Pavley’s Senior Policy Advisor and has written her environmental protection legislation for the past four years. He wrote the legislation to stop the gas wells at Porter Ranch from coming back online and to require the safety testing of all fracking and oil and gas wells throughout the state.

Henry has worked on generating incentives for local companies to build clean transportation and renewable energy infrastructure, reducing the need for fossil fuels. And he’s helped our local schools take advantage of money available to them for energy conservation so they can spend less on energy and more on classroom instruction.

He’s supported by the Sierra Club and California League of Conservation Voters.

economyThriving local economy
Clean tech and small businesses are the key to creating local good-paying jobs, along with quality, up-to-date job training. Henry co-founded a clean-tech business incubator, and helped fight to pass legislation to stop film and television production from leaving California. He even enlisted his father, actor Daniel Stern, to help pass the law to stem “runaway production.”

Henry is supported by local business leaders.

Supporting education
Henry is committed to restoring the funds our public schools need, making college affordable, and ensuring our children’s future. As a teacher at UCLA Law School, Henry understands the value of quality education. He grew up going to public schools in the 27th District and co-founded with his family a local boys and girls club that offers tutoring and other after-school programs.

Funding for schools and community colleges has been cut more than $20 billion since 2007-08. The result has been the reduction or elimination of various education programs. Proposition 98, which sets the minimum education funding level, was once considered the floor for education funding. However, with the decrease in state revenues, Proposition 98 is now treated as the ceiling for education funding.

Public funding of higher education is one of the best investments we can make, creating a pathway for the middle class to access increased opportunity both economically and socially. This translates directly into financial stability for individuals and families, which is good for California as a whole.

Sustainable job growth is dependent on having a workforce that is educated and trained for careers in a changing economy. Partnering with businesses in apprenticeships and mentoring programs gives students the real-world experience they need to compete in local job markets and helps them identify clear career paths.

He has been endorsed by Ventura and Los Angeles county teachers and school board members.

public safetyCreating safer communities
Our local governments are severely underfunded and lacking in resources to address crime and overcrowded prisons in the wake of Prop 47. It is crucial that we prioritize all funding for local public safety protection programs and ensure continued funding for adult criminal justice facilities that will meet needs created by realignment.  In addition, we need to continue to pursue full reimbursement of costs of state and federal mandates and oppose unfunded state mandates on our law enforcement agencies.

Henry has worked with Senator Pavley to pass legislation protecting the victims of domestic violence and closing loopholes in sentencing laws.

He is endorsed by the Association of Los Angeles County Sheriffs and the California Association of Highway Patrolmen.  

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