Special Report from the California League of Conservation Voters

“Oil Industry Trying to ‘Buy’ California Elections”

According to the California League of Conservation Voters — and confirmed at the Secretary of State’s website for campaign fundraising disclosure:

“An independent expenditure campaign in Senate District 27, which includes parts of northern Los Angeles County and Ventura County, has been formed with funds from a political action committee heavily financed by Chevron Oil. That independent expenditure campaign is designed to undercut frontrunner Henry Stern, a policy adviser who helped craft successful legislation to contain oil and gas industry pollution while serving on Senator Fran Pavley’s staff.”

The “Independent Expenditure” against Henry Stern — who is supported by the Sierra Club, CLCV, State Senator Fran Pavley, former Congressmember Henry Waxman, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and many many more local leaders — launched with nearly $200,000 in mailers in less than two weeks. Most of the mailers include a printed statement that they are paid for by a dentists’ PAC — but the dentists admitted taking thousands for the campaign against Stern from another PAC, which has received over $2 million from Chevron since 2014.

Sign up here to help Henry fight back against Big Oil! You can make a donation here.

For more information about Big Oil’s campaign against Henry, click on the links below:

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Oil industry trying to buy California elections

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