You don’t choose the moment…

…the moment chooses you. And last night, in a seemingly contradictory moment of joy and sadness, I found resolution in my new role as your next State Senator — that this is right where I need to be.

As the youngest Senator in California, at a troubling time in our nation’s history, it is incumbent on me to lead by example for our next generation — to show that California will continue to be a refuge, a place of progress.

Today, we must resolve to protect those who may soon find themselves in the crosshairs, in California and across the nation. For the young women worried that they will lose access to reproductive health care; for the Dreamers worried about whether their families will be fractured; for the LGBTQ youth, worried about a future where bullies reign; for the clean energy entrepreneur, worried that all the climate progress we are on the brink of making will vanish in a puff of black smoke: the California Legislature has your back.

Thank you for making this moment possible, through your phone calls, door knocks, letters, social media posts, contributions, and ardent belief, that if we stand stern, combining our labor with our love, we will wrestle a new dawn from the darkness.

With limitless gratitude,


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